I'm on the school's internet, but at certain times of the day (ie most of it) they block facebook and msn (actually my msn never runs for some reason, apparently it's a mac thing).

Thought I was going to get a room to myself, but someone might be moving into it. There's another room in here, which has no windows or ventilation really, and I'm trying to decide if it's worth putting up with it for a term if it means not sharing a room with my friend who talks on the phone for about three hours before bed.

I'm finally posting again, and it's to rant...


Back on co-op again, for the first time in ages. I've returned to the same school as last time, and so far it's pretty nice to be back - I've never been at a job two terms in a row before, and it's nice that people recognize me and I can find my way around.

They provided accommodation for us, but me and another co-op have to share a room. We're looking into getting that changed around - both of us had no warning about it, and were rather horrified. We get along and all, I just think we'll be driving each other nuts by the end.

On the other hand, I feel mature enough to handle it now. Which I guess is a good change.

It's weird to see kids who I saw last time, but are so much older and more mature-seeming now. At least this time around the age gap is big enough that I won't be lonely when they don't talk to me.

I climbed a tree today, that was pretty nice. I climbed it last time I was here, and it's tricky, so I was worried I was going to have to give up this time. But I didn't let it beat me! Woot.


I've been back a week and haven't unpacked yet. It was going to happen tonight, but webcomics intervened :S

omg children

Up to last week I was in Toronto, feeling all metropolitan and spending most of my free time with amazingly interesting people around 15 years older than me.

This week I'm back living with my family (which is cool), spending most of the day working with children about 15 years younger than me. They're so little!!

And they're not as sticky as I expected but it's still been rather crazy. We're taught to never touch children at school or there'll be lawsuits, but this is a camp, and anyway the kids don't know or care about that; they're constantly holding my hand, sitting in my lap, or asking for hugs. They're so cute, but it's also a real change to be towering over the majority of the people I'm with...

I tried snowboarding for the first time last night, which was friggin' awesome :) but hasn't helped much with the soreness from trying to keep up with the kids all day. I think any maternal instincts I was thinking about considering have been effectively satisfied for another decade.


In March I have an alternative practicum and the place I arranged it at had a sort of flexible schedule.

But I just found out that it's not flexible enough for me to be in town for pi day :'(

Wisdom Machine!

Oops, I forgot to finish that last entry :S

So basically you just take the high-level words you have, and it's sort of like a mad-lib, you stick them into sentences that make them sound good, for example:

- _______ ends when _______ begins.
-This is a time of _______ and _______.
-Not _______ nor _______ but _______ and _______.
-I believe in _______; my opponent, only _______.

In our class we submitted random high-level abstract words and came up with:
-Freedom ends when honour begins.
-This is a time of heroism and courage.
-Not nationalism nor courage, but teaching and empowerment.
-I believe in nationalism; my opponent, only learning.

Our prof says we'll be seeing a lot of such 'wise' (re: meaningless) speeches in the leadup to October 10 ;)

High-level Abstraction

We were talking about high-level words today, things like honour and courage and, I dunno, empowerment. If you comment with more I can show the next part, which was rather funny :)

It's been just over 3 months since I last posted...

Time for a quarterly update! Sadly I'm not following the fiscal year so far. Not sure why that'd be sad, but old co-op terms die hard.

I'm all settled into my teaching college stuff now. There are 8 of us in a house together and it's been awesome so far, although sadly one of us is dropping out. But at least then nobody has to share a room. My room is the smallest I've ever had, but I really like it - it's cosy, and hopefully will teach me something about minimizing.

School itself is weird to adjust to. I have about twice as many hours of class per week as last term and more reading so far than I think I've ever been assigned, but it's low-stress work and I feel like I'm learning stuff. I miss math, though. The most disconcerting thing is that white people are a clear majority, and more than that, it's nearly all girls! It's bizarre and in contradiction of everything I'm used to.

Cool thing today - I wore my Apocalyptica shirt in honour of their new cd release (although I can't find a music store here that's stocked it yet!), and a guy with an eyebrow piercing came up to me after a very large class and told me he loved my shirt. It was one of those cool connecting moments when you find something in common with someone you've never seen before... I think that's another weird thing here, is there's so many opportunities for first impressions. I think I gave off a good one to this guy, but in general I feel like I've come across as socially inept, confused and inarticulate. But hey, c'est la vie. I think it's largely due to the demographics, it's got me discombobulated. Which is apparently a real word.

I'm excited to try random new things like archery, and also to sleep. Sorta put off the reading work so that hasn't happened much lately...

I doubt I'll be back in town til October sometime, but hopefully I'll find time to visit on a schoolday when people are around (although that might wind up being in November when I have Fridays off). Til then, all the best!

Sometimes people make me sad

I was biking today, and as I went up a street near my house there were two children, a boy of about seven and his older sister. The boy was swinging a stick around - it was cute, it reminded me of how when my brother was really little he'd like to play swordfighting (really, who doesn't still?).

Then as I was passing them he suddenly threw the stick sideways, it whipped past about five or ten feet in front of me at tire level. He says, "dang! I was too early!"

I realized he was trying to crash my bike or at least to hit me. The kid's too young to swear and he's already a nasty little jerk?