eehee (eehee) wrote,

omg children

Up to last week I was in Toronto, feeling all metropolitan and spending most of my free time with amazingly interesting people around 15 years older than me.

This week I'm back living with my family (which is cool), spending most of the day working with children about 15 years younger than me. They're so little!!

And they're not as sticky as I expected but it's still been rather crazy. We're taught to never touch children at school or there'll be lawsuits, but this is a camp, and anyway the kids don't know or care about that; they're constantly holding my hand, sitting in my lap, or asking for hugs. They're so cute, but it's also a real change to be towering over the majority of the people I'm with...

I tried snowboarding for the first time last night, which was friggin' awesome :) but hasn't helped much with the soreness from trying to keep up with the kids all day. I think any maternal instincts I was thinking about considering have been effectively satisfied for another decade.

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