eehee (eehee) wrote,

It's been just over 3 months since I last posted...

Time for a quarterly update! Sadly I'm not following the fiscal year so far. Not sure why that'd be sad, but old co-op terms die hard.

I'm all settled into my teaching college stuff now. There are 8 of us in a house together and it's been awesome so far, although sadly one of us is dropping out. But at least then nobody has to share a room. My room is the smallest I've ever had, but I really like it - it's cosy, and hopefully will teach me something about minimizing.

School itself is weird to adjust to. I have about twice as many hours of class per week as last term and more reading so far than I think I've ever been assigned, but it's low-stress work and I feel like I'm learning stuff. I miss math, though. The most disconcerting thing is that white people are a clear majority, and more than that, it's nearly all girls! It's bizarre and in contradiction of everything I'm used to.

Cool thing today - I wore my Apocalyptica shirt in honour of their new cd release (although I can't find a music store here that's stocked it yet!), and a guy with an eyebrow piercing came up to me after a very large class and told me he loved my shirt. It was one of those cool connecting moments when you find something in common with someone you've never seen before... I think that's another weird thing here, is there's so many opportunities for first impressions. I think I gave off a good one to this guy, but in general I feel like I've come across as socially inept, confused and inarticulate. But hey, c'est la vie. I think it's largely due to the demographics, it's got me discombobulated. Which is apparently a real word.

I'm excited to try random new things like archery, and also to sleep. Sorta put off the reading work so that hasn't happened much lately...

I doubt I'll be back in town til October sometime, but hopefully I'll find time to visit on a schoolday when people are around (although that might wind up being in November when I have Fridays off). Til then, all the best!

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