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Wisdom Machine!

Oops, I forgot to finish that last entry :S

So basically you just take the high-level words you have, and it's sort of like a mad-lib, you stick them into sentences that make them sound good, for example:

- _______ ends when _______ begins.
-This is a time of _______ and _______.
-Not _______ nor _______ but _______ and _______.
-I believe in _______; my opponent, only _______.

In our class we submitted random high-level abstract words and came up with:
-Freedom ends when honour begins.
-This is a time of heroism and courage.
-Not nationalism nor courage, but teaching and empowerment.
-I believe in nationalism; my opponent, only learning.

Our prof says we'll be seeing a lot of such 'wise' (re: meaningless) speeches in the leadup to October 10 ;)

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