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There usually aren't many other girls at the gym, and I'm competitive enough that if there are I'm constantly trying to see if I can lift more than them.

The other day there was a girl on the rowing machine who had really impressive muscle definition in her arms, and I was feeling a bit jealous. Then I realized that her right leg, from the knee down, was gone.

I have to stop being jealous of what I don't have, and start being thankful for what I've got.

Moving back

Last day of class was today... tomorrow I head back home to borrow the van, and I'll be moving in for the summer on Sunday. I feel kinda drained.

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There's this door at school that's really heavy til you get it about half open, then it swings wide. I've taken to pulling back on it at near the end of its run to make sure it doesn't hit the wall.

Sometimes, though, there's someone behind me. In which case I push the door open, pull back, and then push it a little bit more to be polite and leave it in an opening state for them.

Today it struck me how that could be modelled (at least in a simplistic high-school math sense) as a cubic equation.

I think the other co-op thinks I'm a freak.

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I've never been very good around bugs and insects. I don't think I was ever the shrieky type, but I used to have to leave the room and get someone to move them. Now I can stay in the same room, but would rather not :P

There are a bunch of weird cricket-like bugs that seem to live in the area. I've found a few in my house and around the school, and often they're dead so I just ignore them. Today, though, I was opening my curtains, and there was one of them on the window sill. I pushed the window upwards, figuring it would leave out the open window, but no, the bloody lethargic thing crawled directly under the window and decided to hang out there.

I waited there for full minutes, trying to decide what to do. It would be easy to drop the window and squash it, but that seemed wrong since it was just because I was too freaked out to move it with my hand. I wasn't within reach of anything else I could use to poke it outside.

The problem was solved when a bunch of students walked by. I didn't want them to think I was creepy, standing in the window like that, so I tried to shift towards the wall. Bam! The window dropped (my left arm sucks) and that was that.

It was a weird moral situation, though, I thought. I mean - sure it was a gross bug, but it was a living creature! I think I would have rather it died than have it wandering about the house, but the fact that it died because I was too cowardly to touch it seemed very wrong. But say I had tried to move it and it wouldn't, would it have been less wrong for it to have died because my arm got too tired? Does it even matter, since it's just a bug? Argh.

More video game experiences

The other day I was trying to do laundry at one of the residences. Unfortunately both ends of the hallway were locked and it's not the kind of door I have a key for, despite having a key for the room itself.

There's a big window in the laundry room, so I could even see in to where I wanted to go, and see that the washers weren't in use for once.

I kept checking back, but in the end I had to wait til the housemaster came back (she must have been out all day).

It felt like a game again, where you have to wait for a specific character before you can get to the next stage, even if you can see exactly where you're aiming for. Although if a video game of my life was about laundry, that's pretty bad.

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So I was walking through the hall today when I heard some boys in the intersecting hallway:
"Hey, see if you can hit the ceiling with your head!"

o_O teenagers...?

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I hope you're all having good reading weeks!

I haven't updated in awhile (or even checked this) because Greg came up to visit! woo :) It was a lot of fun. There was this sort of detached feeling up here in that nobody I know has even come to this town before, that I know of, except for my dad helping me move in. It gives even more of that two-separate-worlds feeling than I usually get comparing school with home.

A teacher here asked me to read through the Fermat contest (it was written on Tuesday) and prepare an answer key so they can see who did best. I'm stuck on the last two questions, and it's pissing me off! I feel stupid. I've been doing better on Euclid contests than I did in high school and I'd like to think years studying math would have helped me with a contest for even younger grades. It's grade 11, for goodness' sake! Oh well.

I got to teach my first class alone on Monday! People cover each others' classes here (instead of hiring substitutes), but we were desperate since we had a lot of teachers away. I'm not supposed to teach alone since I'm not a teacher yet, but they needed me to. And it went really well! I was lucky because the lesson was binomial theorem with Pascal's triangle, which was an easy one to teach (after expanding (x + 1)^2 and (x + 1)^3, I asked if the coefficients looked similar to the triangle at all, and was greeted by a bunch of 'oh!'s and 'cool!'s, which I'm sure must be rare). Still, at the end of the lesson I thanked them for being a good class, telling them it was my first time, and they actually clapped for me!

Later in the week a teacher had an emergency so I covered their class again (just a work period this time), and on Friday a student from the class asked if I was covering again and looked disappointed when I said no. It was such a relief... it doesn't mean I'll be a good teacher, but at least I'm not starting out terribly.

We went to an awesome restaurant this week - it's a steakhouse but looked really classy so I wanted to go anyway. They accidentally served Greg meat sauce (since we didn't tell them he was vegetarian) and the service was so good, they gave him a new meal no charge. The waitress seemed to feel guilty, so we decided to go back later in the week for all-you-can-eat spaghetti night. I was wearing a mathie shirt and when the (same) waitress started to read it I said "it's a math joke" sort of as a preemptive apology for being nerdy. She said "I can tell! What do you take me for?" and she and Greg both laughed at me as I tried to take my foot out of my mouth. When she brought our food she joked that she had spit in it.

Strangely the best service seems to be the rude kind :D Greg and I once went to the City Bakery (is that what it's called? Down the Iron Horse trail, near Victoria) and they were almost out of bagels. The baker pulled a new batch out of the oven and said "I'll have no complaints about freshness" so Greg said "it's too fresh!" To which the baker looked him in the eye and responded, "f**k you." Good times :)

Sorry for the babbling. That's about all the interesting stuff that's happened to me lately. Well... also, I had to cover an art class today. The periods before and after the one I covered got to watch movies, but when I got there my instructions were "the person who is covering should pose for the students to sketch. Sitting or standing is okay. Make sure all the pencils are returned at the end of class." I felt SO awkward!

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I want to have an interesting post, but as much as I'm enjoying this term, it feels like nothing particularly exciting happens. So... that's pretty much all there is to this post. Sigh...

There's a guy in one of the classes I'm sitting in on who looks eerily like mspang. It freaks me out.